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The atmosphere in the tape is unhealthy. People pull anything, any information about successes, believe in anything – Lysychansk, DAP, Svatovo. Let’s be clear. We broke through the enemy’s defense line in the Kharkiv region, split the group into pockets and destroyed its rear, forced it to withdraw to save its troops. Now he will regroup and strengthen the troops that he withdrew in a more promising direction – in fact, the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. The same Lysychansk, Donetsk, Svatov. The way we will fight already in new (old) areas does not flow from our successes in the Kharkiv region. Yes, as long as the enemy’s defense in the north of the Luhansk region is not organized, we can try to extend the successes there, but this is not the same pace as when we destroyed the enemy’s rear in the Kharkiv region on 06-07.09. For example, we did not manage to take Liman “out of turn” while the enemy was panicking. There are successes in the direction, but the enemy did not get lost and kept the corridor from under Izyum. Calm down, please, and calm your thirst for success. The operational space is currently being reshaped, and our success here and now is not guaranteed. Monitor the situation more carefully and browse suspicious information less.

Luptele din Harkiv

Marea retragere rusă a fost la șto

O să ne odihnim aici

De luat cu multă sare

Cum m-au făcutără ăștia prizonier

ROsgvardia a închis centura Moscovei.

Un comandant de tanc, zburător, aterizzează pe o casă.

Cum i-a explodat tancul, în slo-mo

Si filmul complet

Râsul curcilor

In the past few days Ukraine received a large supply of Soviet style ammunition and weapons, courtesy of the Russian army.

Thanks, just what we need to chase you out even harder!

Coada la iesirea din Ucraina, fug sobolanii

Avioanele ucrainene aterizeaza pe sosele

The security service showed a photo from the occupied Kupiansk, Kharkiv region, in which special agents of the TsSO “A” of the Security Service of Ukraine

Contraofensiva e misto, dar trebuie sa tinem cont de prioritati

The Battle of Ukraine | Day 199 of Putins 3 day war

First footage from Izyum

Reconnaissance of the 25th Airborne Brigade is already in Izyum.


Deci da, au ajuns la Lisiciansk.

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