11.45 O coloană rusească, transportând focoase nucleare, a fost văzută la Rostov.

Only a few mins here. Ran out of ammo and backed off south. Am a bit traumatized and need some sleep. I have no idea what is going on except we engaged a lot of elements headed to Kreminna. They have to be coming from Lyman and Zarichne. Right now we are in a safe area, it seems.

I have never seen so many dead, soon to be dead, and wounded people in my life. People begging for help, but no way we can help them. We have little to help them with, a small medical kit each, no morphine, and no time to render any kind of useful aid. No idea if they will live or die. You just keep moving.

One guy had obviously stepped on a mine by the side of the road. One leg was gone at mid-thigh, the other one was broken lower down and his foot was backward. He was trying to crawl somewhere on one good knee, trailing flowing blood out of a busted artery. Unless he got help quick, he was gone. He was talking calmly in Russian, saying over-and-over, “I will be home soon mother.”

Christ. You and your guys ok?

Yeah, just tired and mentally warped. At one point, we were running down the side of the road and —— slipped in a pool of blood running into the ditch from a still living Russian laying across the stripe (dead people don’t bleed very fast…only gravity feed), and he slid onto the shoulder and got up cussing with blood all over him. “get me some water, this fucking cunt probably has some kind of fulminating disease.” We almost fell over laughing.

Are we talking hundreds? Were they on foot or vehicles? There’s a video on Twitter somewhere purportedly from west of Kreminna. Actually just audio, nonstop gunfire.

Lots, just us, maybe 140 dead Russians. Like hunting squirrels in a pecan orchard. I have to think Lyman is under our control, but we have no info on that.

We all got split-up into smaller groups, too much contact going on to stay together. here with about 20 guys, trying to make contact with someone to get ammo.

Lot of people on foot, some running down the road, some trying to make their way through the forest to the south of the road. A half-a-dozen Russians came into the woods where we were in a hide to catch our breath and eat, they almost ran into us, but as usual, were moving fast and talking. We cut them down before they knew what was happening. They had little ammo, no med kits, very little food, and no info at all on them except for their phones and some family stuff. Trying to get intel off stiffs here is a very disappointing exercise.

I can’t imagine.

The road has been mined by artillery laydown, not all that accurate, but accurate enough to create bottlenecks, which creates a free-fire zone.

When you engage a vehicle, then seem to unass it in-place and head for the fields or the forest.

They probably see the same videos of vehicles going up catastrophically.

I came away shaking like a leaf, not scared, just wired and sick of killing people. On the way back —— got in a stream and washed off, and vomited his guts out. I was looking at his eyes and he was seeing things way back home.

How long ago did this happen? Is it still going on?

It is still going on. We had to back out to try to get resupplied. Artillery is going over our heads. We have to try to sleep, get ammo, and get back up there.

Take care of yourself, please.

There is a Yook Lieutenant here who is trying to get some kind of info, but so far nada. We don’t know if we are to go to Kreminna or head (direction).

Did you guys link up with the Ukrainian SOF?

We did, but all got separated, we took a lot of fire at first and had to move away, and lost contact with the main group.

I am ok, just too much jammed into a short time.

It must have been just chaos.


The key is to get ammo.

It’s 8 am there. This went on all night?

Yeah, but then it became just killing people. I wish I knew what was going on toward Lyman. I think we will move (direction) and connect with an armored group, get some kit, and head back to (direction) of Kreminna.


Daca va place ce scriem, daca va place cum scriem, daca stiti ca am ramas din ce in ce mai putini oameni verticali si cu coloana, puteti sustine munca noastra.