Ortodoxul, Allah, Buddha?

Scientists have engineered the first ever ‘semi-synthetic’ organisms, by breeding E. coli bacteria with an expanded, six-letter genetic code.

While every living thing on Earth is formed according to a DNA code made up of four bases (represented by the letters G, T, C and A), these modified E. coli carry an entirely new type of DNA, with two additional DNA bases, X and Y, nestled in their genetic code.

The team, led by Floyd Romesberg from the Scripps Research Institute in California, engineered synthetic nucleotides – molecules that serve as the building blocks of DNA and RNA – to create an additional base pair, and they’ve successfully inserted this into the E. coli’s genetic code.

Now we have the world’s first semi-synthetic organism, with a genetic code made up of two natural base pairs and an additional ‘alien’ base pair, and Romesberg and his team suspect that this is just the beginning for this new form of life.


Între timp, lumea se omoară pe motivul că dumnezeul tău e mai bun decât al meu (pentru cine crede că creștinii nu fac asta, să caute pe net ce se întâmpla în Irlanda de Nord acum ceva vreme și de ce), Dragnea dă vina pe Soroș, iar poporul român linge moaște.

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