E posibil ca acesta să fi fost, de fapt, convoiul.

A long-awaited convoy with anti-tank NLAW, SMAW-D, Javelin, Stinger MANPADS and other weapons arrived in Kharkiv, volunteer Roman Donik said: “We are tired, Russians. And we are different from you in that when we get tired, we get a little mad. We lose empathy, pity and all this extra emotional shit that eats up resources and prevents us from doing one single task – to kill @you. We are at home. We are protecting our home, our land, our families. And we have just warmed up. We have just got a taste. We learned that you are just meat. Sweet bun for the army that has been fighting for 9 years”

Același tip, mai târziu

The difficulty was that the cargo came in a convoy from abroad, was loaded into civilian trucks (so as not to be hit by aircraft and missiles and capture the DRG), and delivered to the city with great danger. Now mobile groups of tank destroyers and all kinds of scrap metal from the Russian Federation are being formed. User training is already underway. Why am I writing about this? Because it is no longer a secret. Because the enemy must know when he will go to Kharkiv, that under every bush, there is a chance to meet our grenade launcher. And more. We know that Russian soldiers know that they came to kill Ukrainians, not training. Therefore, I will not be sorry. Victory is behind us

Daca va place ce scriem, daca va place cum scriem, daca stiti ca am ramas din ce in ce mai putini oameni verticali si cu coloana, puteti sustine munca noastra.