Pavel Durov este ownerul Telegram, canalul de comunicare cel mai folosit de către ucraineni pentru a transmite ce se întâmplă cu ei. Pavel Durov nu uită că e rus. Sau poate mai are rude în Rusia.

Later edit:
Durov has so far abandoned the idea to turn off Telegram channels Many users asked us not to consider disabling Telegram channels for the period of the conflict, since we are the only source of information for them. In connection with these appeals, we have decided not to consider such measures. However, once again I ask you to double-check and not take on faith the data that is published in Telegram channels during this difficult period. Common sense won. Thanks!

Daca va place ce scriem, daca va place cum scriem, daca stiti ca am ramas din ce in ce mai putini oameni verticali si cu coloana, puteti sustine munca noastra.