🔸 We have endured nine days of darkness. Nine days of evil. This is three times more than darkness and evil expected. We responded to the invasion as best we could in times of greatest danger. Responded with heroism, solidarity, mutual assistance. We answered in our own way, in Ukrainian.

🔸 Ukrainians are united from Uzhhorod to Kharkiv, from Kyiv to Kherson. Ukrainians are chasing the enemy near Kyiv. They are fighting for Okhtyrka. Punish for Gostomel. Revenge for Kherson. Our Kherson! Ukrainian Kherson. Which today tried to humiliate. But it didn’t work out. Not given. Ukrainians have shown themselves. They didn’t let themselves be played in a cheap cynical show.

🔸The occupiers thought they could turn off the television to Ukrainians. Disconnect our connection. Select food. They can turn off the electricity. They thought it would force Ukrainians to submit. But even if you deprive us of oxygen, we will breathe deeply, to say: get out of our land! Even in complete darkness we see the truth. And we will fight until it darkens in our eyes . Because we are warriors of light. And today no one on Earth will be able to say that this line is pathos.

🔸 Unfortunately, today it seems that it is time to mention something else – guarantees and promises of security. Determination of alliances. Values ​​that for some seem to be dead. The NATO summit took place today. Weak summit. Confused summit.The summit shows that not everyone considers the struggle for freedom to be Europe’s number one goal.

🔸🔸All NATO intelligence is well aware of the enemy’s plans. They also confirmed that Russia wants to continue the offensive. How can… Knowing that new strikes and casualties are imminent, NATO has consciously decided not to cover the skies over Ukraine. We believe that NATO countries themselves have created a narrative that the closure of the skies over Ukraine will provoke Russia’s direct aggression against NATO. This is self-hypnosis. Those who are weak. Not sure. Internally. Although he may have a weapon many times stronger than we have.

All the Alliance has managed to do so far is through its procurement system. 50 tons of diesel fuel for Ukraine. Probably so that we can burn the Budapest Memorandum. To burn better. But it has already burned for us. In the fire of Russian troops. Is this what NATO wanted? Did you build such an Alliance?Today, the Alliance’s leadership gave the green light for further bombing of Ukrainian towns and villages, refusing to make a no-fly zone. You could close our skies. But …

🔸 I don’t know who you can protect and whether you can protect your Alliance countries. You will not be able to buy from us liters of fuel for liters of our blood. Shed for our common Europe. For our common freedom. For our common future.

🔸 But so do I.grateful to our country’s friends in NATO. There are many countries of our friends, our partners – most of the powerful partners. Those who help our state, no matter what. From the first day of the invasion. And I’m sure – to victory. And that’s why we don’t feel alone. We continue to fight. We will protect our state. We will liberate our land. Thanks to our heroes.

Daca va place ce scriem, daca va place cum scriem, daca stiti ca am ramas din ce in ce mai putini oameni verticali si cu coloana, puteti sustine munca noastra.