hello Romanian citizens we are anonymous
and we want to tell you that mr.
Sebastian gets a used our name without
permission because he wants to get rid
of the Romanian justice and take control
of all romanian institutions he uses his
TV news channel romania TV to lie to the
Romanian people with the intent to
misinform them he also uses TV hosts to
help him spread the lies and the only
reason he is able to do so is because
the Romanian regulation institutions are
not involving in stopping this
masquerade the Romanian people must know
about the lies that the communist system
are spreading using TV channels that are
controlled by political parties romania
TV is not the only channel that is
misinforming the Romanian people
the system has also created a lot of
fake websites that are used to denigrate
political opponents and are spreading
hateful speech against real Romanian
people that are young Patriots and have
one foreign name the system is afraid
that real Patriots will replace their
corrupted members from the Parliament
and government remember that you the
Romanian people have the real power
don’t let them use you take back the
control of your lives
we are anonymous and we are supporting
democracy in Romania we stand by you